Frequently Asked Questions

Who and what is P.A.C.E.?
P.A.C.E. – People Advocating for Change through Empowerment Inc. is a mental health consumer/survivor organization run for and, by consumers.

What does P.A.C.E. do?
P.A.C.E. primarily advocates for consumer/survivors (c/s) both within the organization as well systemically to the general public and to the government in order to assure the needs of consumer/survivors are being met. We offer educational activities (workshops, guest speakers, etc.) periodically to educate ourselves with information that will help us to understand our illness and to learn about how we can help ourselves. Every attempt is made to aid us in learning to, not only empower ourselves to make change but to empower others to fight for their rights and fight against the ever-present stigma.

Why do we refer to ourselves as “consumers” and/or “survivors”?
People suffering with a mental illness and/or disorder consider themselves “consumers” of the Mental Health system in that they have utilized their services. Some of us refer to ourselves as “survivors” because we feel that we have “survived” negative experiences within the Mental Health System.

I don’t suffer from a mental illness but I have a family member that suffers from a mental disorder. Can I become a member at P.A.C.E.?
Anyone can become a member of P.A.C.E. If you do not suffer from a mental illness, yet agree with the Terms of Reference, you can become a non-voting member.

I suffer from depression, is that considered a mental illness?
If you are clinically diagnosed with depression, then it is considered a mental illness.

I have never been hospitalized; can I still become a member?
If you have used any of the services of the Mental Health system and even if not, you can become a member if you agree with the Terms of Reference.

What do you do to become a member?
There is no cost for membership at P.A.C.E. If you are a consumer/survivor, family member or interested in getting involved with the Mental Health movement, just drop in at P.A.C.E., phone, fax or email us if you are interested in becoming a member. Fill out an application with minimal personal information and sign that you agree with the Terms of Reference and the membership policies.

Where is P.A.C.E. located?
2- 215 Van Norman Street, Thunder Bay Ontario (North Ward)

How is P.A.C.E. funded?
We are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care community programs, fundraising initiatives and donations.