Terms of Reference


To increase the quality of life of survivors by removing the stigma, myths, prejudices, and misconceptions associated with Mental Illness.

  • By educating ourselves, others within the Mental Health system and the general public.
  • By encouraging survivor involvement with P.A.C.E. and the Mental Health System.
  • By advocating for ourselves and other survivors.
  • By ensuring opportunities in the planning, coordination, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of Mental Health services.

Goals & Objective

  • To ensure that the control of P.A.C.E. remains with survivors at all times.
  • To promote survivor involvement at all levels of the Mental Health system including Boards and Committees.
  • To advocate on behalf of survivors.
  • To establish allies among agencies, groups and interested individuals within the community.
  • To acquire funding in order to expand the services of P.A.C.E.
  • To develop a survivor operated Newsletter and/or Journal for educational purposes.
  • To coordinate and facilitate Workshops, Seminars, Meetings, and Presentations regarding Mental Health issues.
  • To support the development of Self-Help groups and alternative services to supplement existing Mental Health Services.

Definition of Survivor

Any individual who has been hospitalized and/or had used Mental Health Services for psychiatric reasons, or has been diagnosed as having a Psychiatric Disability.

Membership Criteria

Any individual who is interested in P.A.C.E. and supports our Terms of Reference.