The voice of hope is the voice of a survivor!

We are a Consumer Survivor Initiative AKA  “CSI”  meaning we are different from traditional Mental Health Services. PACE is run by and for people with lived experience of a mental health issue or addiction issue; in a non clinical environment. We provide a wide range of services and activities in the community.

Our approach comes from the common understanding that people can and do recover with the proper supports in place, and that peer support is integral to successful recovery. Our organization works closely with local mental health system tables to bring the consumer voice to service planning, evaluation, and coordination, and provide direct informal or formal peer support and self-advocacy support to individuals.

Our services are centered on Education, Advocacy, Peer Support, Social Inclusion and connecting people with other services in the community.


We are funded through The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide person centered services to consumer/survivors with mental health lived experience.

We are a Non Profit charitable organization (Charity Number—141014860) that relies solely on the ministry and fundraising and we welcome donations and can issue a tax receipt upon request.

P.A.C.E. increases the quality of life of survivors by removing the stigma, myths, prejudices, and misconceptions associated with Mental Illness.

  • By educating ourselves, others within the Mental Health system and the general public.
  • By encouraging survivor involvement with P.A.C.E. and the Mental Health System.
  • By advocating for ourselves and other survivors.
  • By ensuring opportunities in the planning, coordination, implementation, delivery.
  • Evaluation of Mental Health services.

PACE programs offer opportunities for Recovery:

  • Social Inclusion
  • Personal development

PACE provides an atmosphere that provides:

  • Validation
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment

Research shows the effectiveness of peer run initiatives particularly with peer support, which includes:

  • Reduction in hospitalization
  • Reduction in 'symptom' distress
  • Improvements in social support
  • Improvements in quality of life

Our services are based on mutual respect and lived experience. There is a great deal of strength gained in knowing someone who has walked where you are walking. Peer support is based on someone with lived experience of mental illness/addiction, who is now living well and able to support others experiencing similar issues to resolve problems and promote recovery.

Peer support sees the person first, understands their distress and can offer “tried and true” solutions that the supporting peer has successfully used. Peer support is a relationship that promotes respect, trust, warmth and empowers individuals to make changes and decisions that enhance their lives.